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Pick up a second-generation Echo for $80.
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We are now less than four weeks out from July — the month during which we expect Prime Day 2019 to fall. In fact, a leaked public relations email says the big sale will kick off this year on July 15. (Amazon did not respond to our request for comment.)

In the meantime, we’re already seeing significant discounts hit a variety of Amazon devices. Most of the deals on the company’s media streamers ended in May, but June has brought new ones on Echo smart speakers and Ring doorbells — and you don’t need to be a member of Amazon’s Prime service to get any of them.

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We’ve rounded them all up below, and whether you’re looking for a graduation gift or a Father’s Day deal, these are all pretty great prices. That noted, if you’re looking for even bigger discounts, check out Rick Broida’s roundup of all of Amazon’s refurbished gear.

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Ring doorbell 2 for $160 — save $40

Chris Monroe/CNET

The second generation of Ring’s video doorbell performs well and gives you the option of wiring it for power or using a rechargeable battery. And if you go the unwired route, you don’t have to remove the entire thing when it’s time to charge, just the battery.

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Ring Stick Up for $150 — save $30

The Ring Stick Up has all of the basic specs you want from a DIY security camera and is versatile enough to work inside or outside of your home. It doesn’t provide free cloud storage for video — that’s an extra $3 per month — or support for Google Assistant, but if you’re already invested in Amazon’s Ring/Alexa ecosystem, it’s a fine choice at a good price.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $200 — save $50

Chris Monroe/CNET

The Video Doorbell Pro transmits video in crisp 1080p HD resolution, and it has a slimmer design than many other connected door bells — which can be a vital consideration, depending on your door frame. This is a solid discount on this model.

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Echo Dot for $30 — save $20

Amazon’s pint-size smart speaker sounds great, provides easy access to the Alexa virtual assistant and was already a sold deal at $50. A $20 discount off that already-low price makes this one a no-brainer.

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Echo (2nd generation) for $80 — save $20

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The Amazon Echo is twice the price of the Echo Dot, but it might be worth it if you plan to play music and podcasts regularly. Though the Echo Dot has solid audio, there’s a clear difference between the Echo’s dual Dolby speakers and the Echo Dot’s 1.6-inch speaker.

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Echo Input for $20 — $15 off

Ry Crist/CNET

The Input is a little cloud-connected coaster that lets you transform any speaker into an Alexa smart speaker. Connect it via Bluetooth or the included auxiliary cable.

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Fire TV Stick for $35 — save $5

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Fire TV Stick isn’t quite as good as Roku in our book, but it’s better than Chromecast at the same price. If you’re a fan of Alexa or deep into Amazon’s ecosystem anyway and want to give one as a gift, this is a good deal. Amazon was recently offering it to Prime members for $25, but a deal’s a deal.

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Updated, June 5: Added new deals on Ring doorbells and Echo speakers, verified sale pricing and availability. Originally published earlier.

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