Under-$150 Date Dresses Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

February 14 can feel like a money pit. Regardless of how you spend the holiday (Dinner? Movies? Drinks? Dancing? Partner yoga? Takeout?), you’re going to be spending on the holiday. And lest you forget, you’ll need an outfit to wear too. While you could just recycle that red mini dress you’ve worn for five years straight, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to dress to impress — whether you’re fancying up for your partner or hosting a movie marathon with your three best friends.But pulling out all the stops for jaw-dropping look doesn’t necessarily mean pulling out all the cash in your wallet. To prove it’s easy to look great without draining your piggy bank, we rounded up a selection of chic dresses that each ring in under-$150. Click through now to find the one that will make your V-Day that much sweeter.Related Videoappearance by Asia Feliciano.Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Under-$10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Don’t SuckWhere To Buy The Sunglasses You’re Seeing All Over Instagram20+ Valentine’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Obvious […]Read More

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