This Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp Collab Will Make Your HIIT Routine Look (and Feel) So Much Better

If there’s one thing Lululemon and Barry’s Bootcamp, two of the leading names in the premium fitness world, know how to do, it’s build a community around their product. One walk around the city and you’ll instantly spot lovers of both brands simply based not only on what they’re wearing, but also how they carry themselves. Today, July 17, these two communities become one with the release of their Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp capsule collection.

The Stronger as One collection, a range that has enough ventilation and quick-drying fabric to keep you dry and cool after taking your incline and speed up yet another notch on the treadmill, also looks good post workout. This is more than your favorite old t-shirt and leggings.

” ‘Stronger as One’ represents the soul of this collection: community. To me, it is a reflection of both Lululemon and Barry’s deep community roots and represents how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” Audrey Reilly, senior vice president of women’s design at Lululemon tells



A year in the making, that synergy is apparent throughout the 30-piece range. Lululemon doesn’t just slap Barry’s Bootcamp logo on just any clothing piece–each detail is intentional. For instance, the collection is built around Barry’s signature red hue, a detail Reilly says she used because of how the color makes women feel.

“There is nothing more fierce or confident than wearing all red,” says the designer. “It is like that moment you put on your favorite red lipstick: it exudes femininity and a true confidence. You’ll see pops of bold reds as well as softer hues like maroon and pink across the whole collection–the guest can decide how fierce she wants to be and the beauty of the lighter hues is they are still Lululemon DNA colors.”

To put the new collection to the test I tried a Barry’s Bootcamp workout on NYC’s Upper West Side. I opted for the Stronger as One tank and leggings in Midnight Maroon and popped my Barry’s Bootcamp cherry with a morning session before work. After 60 minutes of switching between floor workouts and treadmill exercises, the tank–made with a fast-absorbing fabric and a high-neck for added comfort and support–didn’t stick to my skin the way most “breathable knit” tanks do and sat right above my waist without rising. I expected to walk out a sticky, sweat-soaked mess and was pleasantly surprised to discover your girl was as dry as plantain chips–not a sweat stain in sight (can’t say the same for my hair, though.)


“We knew [the wearer] wanted to feel powerful, confident, and held-in, so we ensured the collection had close-to-body styles that offer coverage where you need it,” Reilly explained. “There are technical solves throughout the collection so you can focus on the Barry’s experience instead of your gear. We made sure to incorporate features in the collection like sweat-wicking fabrics, mesh ventilation, and seam reduction for a no-distraction workout. Ultimately, we wanted to create a collection that stood for function, femininity, and fierce in style.”


Standouts in the collection include the Stronger as One Tights in Ruby Red with mesh panels for breathable comfort, Stronger as One Cropped Hoodie in a dusty pink shade (for those crisp autumn morning runs), the Stronger as One biker shorts, and the Adapt the Strap Bra, which allows you to tighten or loosen up the adjuster in the front as you workout. Priced between $38 and $168, the collection also comes with slim-fit silhouettes and anti-odor technology for the fellas, as well as gym bags and hats.


The full Lululemon x Barry’s Bootcamp collection launches on July 23 here.

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