These 3 Women Have All Created A Stage For Themselves — & They’re Using It For Good

As Shakespeare once proclaimed, “All the world’s a stage.” And for three NYC-based movers and shakers — Met Opera dancer Lake Escobosa, DJ Cosmo, and philanthropist Lulu Cerone — this sentiment couldn’t be truer (though, a more accurate update could be “All the world’s her stage”). One common thread we learned from these powerhouse women, despite their varying creative fields, is that they’re not interested in seeking out someone else’s stage to act as a supporting player, but rather, they’re creating their own spotlight and living by their own rules for success. In other words, their self-made careers are taking center stage.Ahead, we asked these like-minded leaders to share what it means to express themselves through their respective platforms. Outfitted in a uniform that is conducive to their mission — with PUMA ’s stylish DEFY Luxe sneakers on their feet for extra support — Escobosa, Cosmo, and Cerone showcase how their looks complement the stories they want to tell and the aspirations they’d like to achieve. We have no doubt in our minds that we’ll be seeing these young talents make their way across many stages in the years to come.Lake Escobosa, dancer, model, and aerial-yoga instructorHow do you identify with being “on stage”?”Being on stage means connecting, expressing, and sharing with the people. There are times when I’m on stage that I cannot fight tears, so instead it informs my movement and audience members can feel that. They can relate and say, ‘I understand every bit of that movement you just expressed.’ Dancers all have so much to share.”Why is having a platform important to expressing yourself?”Having a platform in this field means sharing those gems with children, dancers, and the rest of the world, in that order; I learned that through my own teachers. All of the most important lessons I’ve learned I have learned through dance. My worst insecurities have been shown to me through dance. I think of it as a conversation between dance and myself. So when I perform, someone is experiencing what I have gone through — and going through those emotions with me.”What figurative “life stages” have you lived through? How have they helped you get to where you are now?”You know, I truly can’t tell when one life stage starts and another ends. I do know I have lived through some difficult points, but they have taught me that there is always going to be more to get through. It’s life. You have to always persevere and show the world you are not stopping anytime soon.”How would you describe your everyday personal style, both on and off the stage?”I have such an eclectic taste when it comes to my own personal style. The one thing that is never changing is a sneaker. If I am wearing leggings or something athletic, I would top it with a leather jacket and sneakers. If it’s sunny out, I’m in a denim dress and a comfortable pair of sneakers. Even in the winter, you can find me sporting a color-coordinated coat and sneaker look. My sneakers need to be an interesting color, mold to my feet, and be able to go from street to studio quickly. PUMA’s DEFY Luxe sneakers are comfortable, sleek, and I can even do a double pirouette in them!”Lulu Cerone, founder of youth empowerment organization LemonAID Warriors, author of PhilanthroParties! A Party-Planning Guide for Kids Who Want to Give Back, and filmmakerHow do you identify with being “on stage”?”For me, being on stage means existing in a space where you have the freedom to express what’s important to you and have people listen. I think that when you have something to say, you can turn anywhere into your stage. I’ve felt like I’m on stage when I’m in public advocating for causes that matter to me, but I’ve also felt like I’m on stage when I’m writing alone in my bedroom.”Why is having a stage important to expressing yourself?”Having a stage has been important to me because it’s allowed me to share parts of myself with the world as an artist and amplify the voices of others as an activist. Everyone should have a stage of their own, because everyone deserves the ability to express themselves and to feel heard.”What is a goal you’d like to accomplish one day?”It’s my ultimate goal to disrupt systems of oppression through filmmaking and to share the stories of those who have been marginalized throughout history, specifically members of the LGBTQ+ community. Most of my engagement with social action has been through philanthropy, and so I’m excited to start using art as my vehicle for change.”What is your everyday personal style, both on and off the stage?”I tend to embrace androgyny in everything I do. My experience with gender is very fluid, and I use my style as a way to break down the gender binary, to embrace queerness, and to fully be myself.”Cosmo, DJHow do you identify with being “on stage”?”Having a stage is important to expressing myself because I want to inspire young women and show them that they can do anything they want to do, even if it is in a male-dominated industry. You will have to work hard and deal with a lot of chaos, but it will always pay off.”What figurative “life stages” have you lived through?”The biggest life stage I’ve had to go through was moving away from Ohio and leaving my whole family to pursue my career. I do not regret it one bit. I’ve developed a tougher skin, learned a lot about myself, and become a better DJ.”What is a goal you’d like to accomplish one day?”I am looking forward to opening up my own studio to teach girls to DJ and produce. I want to have these studios everywhere, even out of the country!”What is your everyday personal style, both on and off the stage?”My personal style is definitely laid-back and relaxed when I am not performing. When I am performing, I am more vibrant. This outfit definitely combines those two styles — laid-back and bold. I love how sporty the outfit is and how the PUMA DEFY Luxe sneakers add a pop of color.”Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?The Jewelry Trends You’re Going To Start Seeing Everywhere Danielle Brooks’ Latest Shoot Was Produced By An All-Plus-Size CrewSave Your Money This Halloween — 9 Costumes Using Stuff You Already Own […]Read More

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